She Makes the World a Prettier Place Brave Girls Art Print
She Makes the World a Prettier Place Brave Girls Art Print

She Makes the World a Prettier Place Brave Girls Art Print

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Hi and Welcome to my art studio!
You will receive one art print of the painting shown in the first photo.
(Any other paintings shown are to give examples of display ideas only.)
Art prints are printed using superior quality inks on heavyweight art paper.
No frame is included.

Please select your size choice from the drop down menu. Darker skin tones available in the Brave Girl and Art Print Sections of the shop.

About this piece:
Title: She Makes the World a Prettier Place (From My Brave Girl Series.)
Media: Mixed Media acrylics with papers, stamps, glitter and words cut from book pages.

Each Brave Girl comes with a copy of her unique story. (Read the one for this girl below!)
She Makes the World a Prettier Place

She sees the world in a different way,
All those colors, all that light.
She absorbs it, takes it in and then transforms it.
She doesn’t just see what is,
Sometimes she misses that completely.
She sees what could be…
and it sets her soul on fire.
Her hands can’t keep up with her mind,
The ideas come quickly and freely.
She is a maker and she follows in a tradition
As old as time itself.
Generations before her created with their hands
Leaving their mark on the world.
She will too.
She is compelled to make,
compelled to create,
Compelled to make the world a prettier place.

I hope you will find Joy, Encouragement, Fun and Freedom in my artwork and lots of Color, too!
What you see here is the fulfillment of a dream to paint and to bring joy and meaning to people's homes through art.
Each original art piece includes several hidden messages in the work - many are words from hymnals, books, poems, etc. Often they are prayers of praise or reminders of God's work in my life.

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