Grace 6x6 inch Brave Girl Art Print
Grace 6x6 inch Brave Girl Art Print
Grace 6x6 inch Brave Girl Art Print
Grace 6x6 inch Brave Girl Art Print

Grace 6x6 inch Brave Girl Art Print

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Brave Girls are one of our top sellers! This listing is for a specialty size 6x6 inch art print and copy of the Brave Girl Story card ONLY. If you would like display stands as shown in the example photos, please click here:

You will receive one art print of the painting shown in the first photo.
(Any other paintings shown are to give examples of display ideas only.)
Art prints are printed using superior quality inks on heavyweight paper.

About this piece:
Title: Every Step is Full of Grace (From My Brave Girl Series.)
Media: Mixed Media acrylics with papers, stamps, glitter and words cut from book pages.

Each Brave Girl comes with a copy of her unique story. (Read the one for this girl below!)
Every Step is full of grace

She forgives quickly, laughs freely.
She loves deeply and offers help to anyone in need.
Her friends know she is trustworthy, they know she will listen.
She lives a life of self sacrifice, always bending to the needs of others first.
When she is near, everyone is blessed…
by her laughter, her joy, her kindness and most definitely by her grace.
She gives without condition or expectation of anything in return.
Her heart is so filled with God’s love,
she can’t help but have it spill out to cover all those around her
in a wonderful sea of grace.

I hope you will find Joy, Encouragement, Fun and Freedom in my artwork and lots of Color, too!
What you see here is the fulfillment of a dream to paint and to bring joy and meaning to people's homes through art.
Each original art piece includes several hidden messages in the work - many are words from hymnals, books, poems, etc. Often they are prayers of praise or reminders of God's work in my life.

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