Our Collective Flower Obsession

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I think we need to own it. We all have a collective flower obsession.

Am I right?

And let's be real here... this isn't new. People have been obsessed with flowers since the beginning of time. Think of famous paintings over history and you won't have to think long to recall how many of them involved flowers. As a matter of fact, when I start thinking to myself... "Really Alli? Another flower painting? How many times can you paint flowers?" I remember Monet and then I pick up my brush and go to it. I mean the man's entire career basically included painting flower after flower after flower. So if it was good enough for Monet, it's good enough for me.

And good thing too because flowers are one of my favorite things to paint. Seems they are a favorite way to decorate too because they are always a top seller for me.

Makes sense right? Flowers represent a perpetual spring... even in the dark days of winter, we can have a bright, happy flower painting hanging on our wall reminding us warmer days are ahead.

To add to the fun... did you know every single painting of mine has hidden messages within the painting? Yep. It's like a happy little treasure hunt to find them all. I cut words and phrases from hymnals, poetry books, magazines, etc. The words/phrases have to do with a similar theme for each painting. Sometimes it's God's love, sometimes it's childhood, sometimes it's simply "Being".

Decorating with bright flower art doesn't have to cost a ton of money. We offer many options for owning the art. We of course offer originals and originals are awesome but we totally understand that doesn't always work financially. Art prints are an excellent way to own a high quality reproduction of the art without breaking the bank. Most pieces are also available as blank note cards as well so you can send the art through the mail... YES, the actual mail... to friends and family. Check out all of our floral art here and don't forget to zoom in on the pictures to see if you find any of the hidden words.

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