My name is Alli Rogosich.  I am the self taught artist behind the work you see here and my hope is that you will find some added joy, meaning and an extra dose of encouragement from visiting my little corner of the world.

My art journey began years ago when I was in between jobs & searching for a more fulfilling career path. Having never considered myself “artistic” before, believe me when I tell you becoming an artist was NEVER on my radar...but God had other plans! Originally a sign maker turned mixed media artist, what you find here came about through years of laboring to find my own artistic voice & a way to maneuver the ever changing world of selling online.

I’m passionate about art & passionate about Jesus so every piece I create includes meaningful messages of God’s truth tucked away within the work. Each piece is a treasure hunt to find the bits of hymn pages, poetry & words from books that have been cut & hidden for you to find. Each message reminding you of God’s love, faithfulness,  goodness & your infinite worth.

Art & Soul exists not only to provide you with joyful, meaningful art for your home but also to provide you with encouragement for your own dreams as well. Together, we can learn to live a more joy filled, meaninful & brave life with God’s help & guidance.

I hope you’ll join me!

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