Inside Out 9 hearts Art Print
Inside Out 9 hearts Art Print
Inside Out 9 hearts Art Print

Inside Out 9 hearts Art Print

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Hi there!! Welcome to my art print shop where you can own high quality reproductions of my original art!

You will receive one reproduction art print of the painting shown in the first photos.
Art prints are professionally printed on your choice of heavyweight paper OR gallery wrapped canvas resulting in a top quality reproduction of my original art. Frame is not included. Select the size and print type you prefer from the drop down menus below.

PLEASE NOTE: If you select gallery wrapped canvas, the piece will be printed on canvas and wrapped around a 1.25 inch frame. The sides of the canvas will be a mirror image of the edges of the original image. Please see the photo for example. You will receive the print of the work in the first photo. Mirror image picture is only for reference. Gallery wrapped canvases are the next best thing to owning the original!

These images are a compilation of several hearts from the Inside Out Hearts Collection. The following will be included with your print purchase:

About the Inside Out Heart Collection:

Don’t let these hearts fool you. Yes they’re shiny and happy. They’re bright and colorful and they exude joy and fun. They’re glossy and many of them are covered in glitter. But these are battle tested hearts. Make no mistake. Look closer and you’ll see. They carry within them both sunshine and sadness, dreams and disappointments, inspiration and desperation. All of it. At once. Much like each of us.

We spend a lot of time shining ourselves up, putting our happy faces forward and maybe even adding some extra sparkle . But if we are honest, there’s so much more to each of us brewing beneath the surface. We all carry so much with us. All the time.

Sometimes I think the true depth of living lies in experiencing the wide range of often seemingly opposing emotions we carry around. Those moments when joy touches down and mixes miraculously with sorrow. When we cry so hard we laugh or laugh so hard we cry. We tend to put emotions into categories of negative or positive and while that makes sense, the mixing of the two is what often allows us to feel the deepest and give us the truest, most genuine experience of living.

To the Believer in Christ, offering up all the many things that we carry around in our hearts to Him also allows for the deepest and most true experience of all. When we offer our range of emotion to Him, we allow Him to speak new things over us. He tells us who we are in Christ. We are reminded that our emotions and our struggles never define us. Each heart carries many “words” inside it but then there is a clearer and more prominent word on top of each one remind us that God makes us more than what we feel. He makes us warriors, gives us peace, makes us joyful, strong, makes us worthy, calls us His child. I hope you’ll remember that when you see them.

P.S. - They’re called Inside Out because of the kid’s movie of the same name. If you’ve seen it you know. If you haven’t, please do.

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