You are Loved Brave Girl Art Print with Darker Skin Tone

You are Loved Brave Girl Art Print with Darker Skin Tone

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Hi and Welcome to my art studio!
You will receive one art print of the painting shown in the first photo.
(Any other paintings shown are to give examples of display ideas only.)
Art prints are printing using superior quality inks on heavyweight art paper.
No frame is included.

Please select your size choice from the drop down menu. Darker skin tones available in the Brave Girl and Art Print Sections of the shop.

About this piece:
Title: She knew she was loved (From My Brave Girl Series.)
Media: Mixed Media acrylics with papers, stamps, glitter and words cut from book pages.
Each girl has a unique story that comes with the art print.
Read this Brave Girl's story below:

Above all...She knew she was loved.

She is confident and kind.
She walks with courage and conviction.
She feels love deeply and
she loves others with that same depth.
She brings encouragement wherever she goes
and a ray of sunshine as well.
She has high hopes for the future
and fond memories of the past.
She draws strength from those around her
and freely gives that same strength to others.
How does she do this?
She knows how deeply she is loved
by her friends and family and most importantly, by God.
I'm so glad you stopped by my art studio!
I hope you will find Joy, Encouragement, Fun and Freedom in my artwork and lots of Color, too!
What you see here is the fulfillment of a dream to paint and to bring joy and meaning to people's homes through art.
Each original art piece includes several hidden messages in the work - many are words from hymnals, books, poems, etc. Often they are prayers of praise or reminders of God's work in my life.

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